Weight Lifting For Functional Fitness Workshops

About Olympic Lifting for Functional Training Workshop

The Olympic Lifting for Functional Training Workshop is designed to give functional training coaches and athletes both the theoretical and practical skill set required to coach Olympic lifting movements and apply these movements to their own or athletes training. During the Olympic Lifting for Functional Training Workshop participants will be shown APEC’s methodology and practical applications of Olympic lifting for functional training.


The Olympic Lifting for Functional Training Workshop will encompass

  • Foundations of Olympic lifting
  • Warm up, mobility and stability drills for Olympic lifting
  • Coaching model & progressions for the clean, snatch and jerk
  • Recognising common technique errors
  • Special exercises to correct technique faults
  • Integrating the Olympic lifts into a functional training program
  • Assistance exercises associated with the Olympic lifts
  • Barbell cycling in functional training


The Olympic Lifting for Functional Training Workshop was designed to create a standardized approach for functional training coaches and athletes to apply the Olympic lifts to their training.

The Olympic Lifting for Functional Training Workshop will provide you with superior education and practical application. Participants will be taught APEC’s methodology for using the Olympic lifts in functional training, which will provide them with knowledge and practical application skills of training techniques used by competitive weightlifters & functional training athletes.

London, UK June 16

£150.00 £100.00
£150.00 £100.00

Lisburn, UK May 26th

£150.00 £100.00
£150.00 £100.00

Who Will Benefit By Taking This Workshop?

Strength & conditioning coaches
Functional fitness coaches
Sports performance coaches
Sports scientists
Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists
Personal trainers
Athletic trainers
Fitness professionals
Armed forces personnel
Sports coach
Physical education teacher
Professional & Semi-professional athletes

Starting Your Career In The Strength & Conditioning Industry

APEC wants to provide you with the best chance to increase employability. By being accredited after completion of our programs, you can look forward to a career in the following fields

Working In Team Sports

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • GAA

Working In Track & Field Sports

  • Sprinting
  • Long distance Marathon running
  • Throwing sports (Discus, Javelin, Shotput)
  • Long Jump & High Jump

Working With Extension Sports

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis

Working With Combat Sports

  • MMA
  • Boxing

Working With Olympic Sports

  • Swimming
  • Sledge sports (Bob Sledge, Skelton, Rouge)
  • Rowing
  • Canoeing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Triathlon & Biathlon
  • Athletics
  • Sking