APEC’s Strength & Power Workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of strength & power training for elite level athletes.

On this high performance workshop coaches will be brought trough the Force Velocity curve and appropriate power training zone in order to train elite level strength & power athlete. You will be shown assessment tools along with a system of strength training, which, when applied to any athlete across any discipline, will create instant results.

APEC’s performance specialists will show you the correlation between strength & power for your field based athletes. Energy system development for increased work capacity and a step by step guide to developing a more robust and powerful athlete.

On this intensive workshop coaches will be shown programming fundamentals for strength & power. Coaches will also be shown APEC’s methodology behind the use of band & chain work for powerlifting in sports. This process will then give the coaches a better understanding of the strength requirements of their athlete.

The APEC Strength & Power Workshop will encompass:

  • APEC’s advanced strength & power methodology
  • Correlation between strength & power
  • FV curve and appropriate power training zone
  • Acute methods for strength & power development
  • Accommodating resistance – bands & chains
  • Velocity Based Training (VBT)
  • Periodization & Programming fundamentals