In this master class Speed & Plyometric Workshop designed by industry leaders coaches will be provided with an in-depth understanding of speed training for elite level athletes. Coaches will also discuss and define the role of plyometric within an S&C program.

Over the course of the intensive 1-day workshop, we will take you through the key characteristics in relation to speed for sports performance as well as supporting the use of plyometric for increased performance and injury prevention.


The goal is to provide you with our methodology, which entails assessment tools along with program design recommendations and key considerations for the plyometric training component within an S&C program.


The key focus will be on the understanding of acceleration capabilities to better assess and understand your athlete’s speed requirements. With the use of APEC’s unique speed mechanic coaching model, one will be able to increase speed through any discipline.


Our elite level coaches and tutors will show you how to develop these speed qualities for field & track based athletes while helping you create a step-by-step guide to developing a more rounded athlete.

National Strength & Conditioning Association CEU's 2.0

The APEC Speed Workshop will encompass:

  • Athlete profiling
  • APEC’s speed mechanics assessment
  • Acceleration for sports performance
  • Speed development for linear acceleration
  • Plyometric drills for field & track based athletes
  • Key characteristics for liner and transition acceleration
  • The coach’s coaching model
  • Program design

S&C Workshop Jun 20th Leipzig

£147.00 £97.00

S&C Workshop Jul 21st Dublin

£147.00 £97.00

S&C Workshop Aug 11th Chester

£147.00 £97.00

S&C Workshop Dec 2nd Leipzig

£147.00 £97.00
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