Strength And Conditioning Workshops Introduction

We currently provide a number of different strength and conditioning workshops. Workshops are delivered over a one day period and aim to up-skill coaches in a specific area of strength and conditioning.


About Speed & Plyometrics Workshops

The Speed & Plyometrics Workshop gives coaches an in-depth understanding of speed training for performance. Coaches will also discuss and define the role of plyometric training and the advantages it has when it comes to developing all-round speed as well as supporting the use of plyometric for increased performance and injury prevention

The goal of the speed and plyometric workshop is to provide coaches with enough tools, so they can completely create a full speed profile for their athletes or clients. We achieve this through our speed mechanics assessment.

The key focus will be on the understanding of acceleration capabilities to better assess and understand your athlete’s speed requirements. With the use of an appropriate speed mechanic coaching model, one will be able to increase speed through any discipline. while helping to create a step-by-step guide to developing a more rounded athlete.


Speed & Plyometric Workshops will encompass

  • Athlete Profiling
  • APEC’s Speed Mechanics Assessment
  • Acceleration for Sports Performance
  • Speed Development for Linear Acceleration
  • Plyometric Drills
  • Speed Coaching Model
  • Program Design

National Strength & Conditioning Association CEU's 2.0

plyometric training

January 25th Lisburn

£147.00 £97.00
£147.00 £97.00

December 8th Chester

£147.00 £97.00
£147.00 £97.00

November 23th Leipzig

£147.00 £97.00
£147.00 £97.00

Who Will Benefit By Taking This Workshop?

Strength & conditioning coaches
Functional fitness coaches
Sports performance coaches
Sports scientists
Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists
Personal trainers
Athletic trainers
Fitness professionals
Armed forces personnel
Sports coach
Physical education teacher
Professional & Semi-professional athletes

Starting Your Career In The Strength & Conditioning Industry

APEC wants to provide you with the best chance to increase employability. By being accredited after completion of our programs, you can look forward to a career in the following fields

Working In Team Sports

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • GAA

Working In Track & Field Sports

  • Sprinting
  • Long distance Marathon running
  • Throwing sports (Discus, Javelin, Shotput)
  • Long Jump & High Jump

Working With Extension Sports

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis

Working With Combat Sports

  • MMA
  • Boxing

Working With Olympic Sports

  • Swimming
  • Sledge sports (Bob Sledge, Skelton, Rouge)
  • Rowing
  • Canoeing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Triathlon & Biathlon
  • Athletics
  • Sking