Upcoming Performance Testing & Recovery Workshop

APEC’s Performance Testing and Recovery Workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of the testing protocols that are used at the top-level of professional sports.

On the Performance Testing and Recovery Workshop coaches will be shown testing protocols for strength, power and speed as well as some of the most advanced recovery modalities available.

Speed and agility profiling will allow you to analyze your athlete’s speed movement capabilities from both an acceleration and max velocity standpoint. 

Strength profiling will allow you to understand where your athlete stands from a longevity, injury prevention, and performance standpoint.

Energy System Development (ESD) profiling regardless of your sports will give you both the understanding and the foresight to plan effective conditioning programs for your athletes.

Jump profiling (power testing) will inevitably tie your athletes’ value of strength qualities together. Allowing you to look at every strength quality available to your athlete as well as a wide array of monitoring and readiness to train protocols.

APEC’s Recovery Protocols Systems are currently being used by topflight performance athletes worldwide. It provides that well needed ‘every extra inches counts’ approach to help your athletes and clients stay one step ahead of the game when it comes recovery.

On this intensive workshop, coaches will be given the tools required to provide their clients/athletes with the most up to date advanced monitoring and testing protocol. If you would like to bring your coaching science to the next level, the ability to understand correct testing and monitoring protocols is vitally important.

The APEC’s Performance Testing & Recovery Workshop will encompass:

  • Athlete profiling
  • APEC’s advanced performance testing protocols
  • APEC’s advanced recovery modalities protocols
  • Programming fundamentals for recovery
  • How to analyze performance analytics for better programming
  • Acute methods for recovery
  • Recording and utilizing performance data