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  Check out APEC’S High-performance team bringing Longford GAA inter-county football team through their first Pre-season training session of the year.  APEC is delighted to provide the strength & conditioning and sports science support to Longford GAA for the coming 18/19 season

Irish National Olympic weightlifting victory at the Celtic Nations

Well done to the Irish National Olympic weightlifting team for a great victory in the Celtic Nations against Scotland and Wales last weekend. Congratulations to Adam Swan APEC’s Olympic lifting tutor on an impressive snatch (135kg) and clean & jerk …

Sleep and Recovery for Sports Performance

  Dr. Adam Grainger, Performance Director for Hockey Ireland explains the importance of sleep for improved concentration, skills function, and optimal performance.

Effective Warm Up Strategy

The 5 Best Exercises For Building Explosive Power

In this video, you will learn the 5 best exercises to develop more explosive power. Looking for resistance bands like the one used in the video? get one here

Olympic Lifting Seminar

Blackrock College RFC – Endurance Log Run

Blackrock College RFC was put to the test on a team-building weekend in the Wicklow mountains. BlackRock AIL 1st team stood up to the challenge of an endurance log run through steep mountain terrain, deep rivers, and swampy bog land …

Aerobic Fitness Testing

APEC delivers aerobic fitness testing with athletes from the rugby academy Ireland.

Strength & Conditioning Recovery Strategies

Dr Adam Grainger delves into the science behind different strength and conditioning recovery strategies. He breaks down the pros and cons associated with each of the following seven recovery strategies. + Cryo Therapy + Compression + Active Recovery + Passive …

Dr. Adam Grainger delivers APEC’s Energy System Development model

  Dr. Adam Grainger discusses aerobic vs anaerobic energy systems and presents key performance tests to establish baseline measurements of each energy system. Interested in learning more about this? See our courses that offer more insights into this topic

Movement Competency Analysis (MCA)

The Movement Competency Analysis (MCA) is the optimal method of assessing the movement capabilities of your clients and athletes

Mark Quinn – Extended Scope Physiotherapist

Mark Quinn is an Extended Scope Physiotherapist and is the owner of Physiotherapy Now. Mark talks about how he was able to integrate what he learned on the NASC course and apply it with his clients.