Fitness Instructor


  • You need no prior qualification to be eligible for this course
  • Monthly payment plans available
  • Access to fitness education material
  • Start your fitness career with this course
  • Get a job as a gym instructor
  • Progression to Personal Training qualification
  • Salary with this qualification £25k-35k

Personal Training


  • To be eligible for this course you must have completed Gym Instruction or hold an equivalent qualification.
  • Monthly payment plans available
  • Work for yourself as a Personal Trainer
  • Get lifelong clients
  • Progression to a Strength & Conditioning qualification
  • Salary with this qualification £35k-85k

Fitness Instructor & Personal Training


  • Invest in both courses with this package and save £200
  • Obtain your Diploma
  • Work at your own pace
  • Become a fully qualified personal trainer
  • Be in control of your own hours
  • Be in control of your own destiny

How it works

Step 1 – Purchase Your Course

Step 2 – Complete Online Course

Step 3 – Complete Workshops

Step 4 – Gain Qualification

Course Overview

The innovative online blended learning platform for Fitness instructors and Personal Trainers course is mapped to the highest National Occupational Standard set by PD Approvals. 9 Units make up the full qualification while providing World-class content and cutting-edge technology to enables fitness professionals to educate themselves to the highest standards. Learners study at their own pace, from anywhere at any time.

Course Modules

The full course consists of 55 online modules broken into 9 separate sections. There are 5 Fitness Instructor sections and 4 Personal Trainer sections. There is an online assessment at the end of each section in both the Fitness Instruction and Personal Training.

Course Delivery

Modules are taken through the APEC Academy HQ platform.  Each student will be issued a unique username and password to log in. After all, modules are complete the learner will have an online assessment where they must score 80% or above in order to pass. After the online assessment is complete the student must complete a face-to-face practical assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my qualification.

Once you have completed your Gym Instruction and your Personal Training qualification you will have a diploma in Personal Training. With this qualification, you can start work straight away in the fitness industry. This qualification will allow you to travel around the world working as you go. All our qualification are recognised worldwide and are delivered to the highest industry standards.


The workshops provide coaches with all the piratical skill they will need to deliver effective training programmes.

Workshops will show case fundamental moment skills required to help coaches create sound and effective preparation for there clients.

Workshops location.

All workshop are available to the program students on a monthly bases. All of the workshops take place over the last weekend of every month. The workshops are held at one of our educational institutes.

  • University College Dublin (UCD) Dublin, Ireland
  • Brunel University London, UK
  • Leipzig National University, Leipzig, Germany


All exams take place on a monthly bases and are held on the last weekend of every month. The exams are held at one of our educational institutes

  • University College Dublin (UCD) Dublin, Ireland
  • Brunel University London, UK
  • Leipzig National University, Leipzig, Germany

Online content to study.

Once you register and pay for you Gym Instruction and Personal Training course you will be sent log in details to the online APEC academy. Once you have access to your to your online education portal this will be available to you forever and can be used as a point of references as you move through your career.

Payment plans.

Courses can be paid over a 3, 6 and 9 month period. Please contact our account team at for more information surrounding the different payment plan option.

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