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The most up to date methods of developing hypertrophy

Introduction Methods to improve sports performance is an ever-evolving practice for both the elite and non-elite. Resistance training is a very popular form of training used to improve sports performance due to the adaptations in hypertrophy, strength, power and speed. …


  Check out APEC’S High-performance team bringing Longford GAA inter-county football team through their first Pre-season training session of the year.  APEC is delighted to provide the strength & conditioning and sports science support to Longford GAA for the coming 18/19 season

Irish National Olympic weightlifting victory at the Celtic Nations

Well done to the Irish National Olympic weightlifting team for a great victory in the Celtic Nations against Scotland and Wales last weekend. Congratulations to Adam Swan APEC’s Olympic lifting tutor on an impressive snatch (135kg) and clean & jerk …

Sleep And Recovery With Dr Adam Granger

Dr Adam Granger, Performance Directory for Hockey Ireland explains the importance of sleep for improved concentration, skills function and optimal performance.     For more information on the Performance Testing and Recovery workshop delivered by Dr Adam Granger please visit


National Accreditation In Strength & Conditioning

Recent Courses – December

  Check out the Performance Testing and Recovery Modality’s Workshop for more information Performance Testing & Recovery Workshop Check out the Strength & Power Workshop for more information Strength & Power Workshop

Sami Dowling

Sami Dowling brings fantastic practical experience to the APEC education team. Working at the elite level of both rugby union and GAA, Sami has become a house hold name with in the areas of speed and olympic lifting. Sami was …

Online Education

Check out the first of our online educational Strength & Conditioning workshops. Due to the high demand of the workshops and the growing need for elite level online education, we have finally created what is going to be the first …

Dr Adam Granger

APEC is delighted to have Dr. Adam Granger join the education team in Ireland and the UK. Adam delivers the Performance Testing and Recovery Modality’s Educational Workshop as well as the National Accreditation in Strength & Conditioning program.   With …

Strength & Conditioning: No Futility in Resistance Chains

Chains give the sort of unparalleled results that can be seen and felt immediately. Chains (and bands) work by accommodating resistance, which helps to reduce the natural deceleration phase that occurs as you approach lockout. The results are unrivaled!

Squat Development For Athletes

In this article we are going to look at two factors in relation to squatting. The first is how low is low enough relative to the discipline we come from and second of all we are going to look at …

Drop Sets For Hypertrophy

When hypertrophy or muscle growth is the number one goal, you need to start the recruiting process within the muscles itself. Recruiting as many muscle fibres as possible, and then fatiguing them to the point of no return, in effect …