Throughout APEC’s mentorship program coaches will join one of the many elite level APEC trained coaches for a 6-week personal mentorship program in professional sports.

Spend 6 weeks shadowing and working alongside professional coaches to get an in depth view of what the world of professional sports is truly like. You will acquire the practical skill set as well as the theoretical knowledge required to work within professional sports.

Mentorship Stage 1

On stage 1 of the mentorship program you will go through APEC’s full education system. Starting with the 3 day High Performance Workshop Series, then Level 1 of the National Accreditation in Strength & Conditioning (NASC) and finally completing Level 2 of the NASC along with the exam.


Mentorship Stage 2

On stage 2 of the mentorship program coach will be placed within a professional sporting environment. Coaches will be challenged from both a theoretical as well as a practical stand point throughout the entire program.

Coaches will over see various ways in which a professional sports team handles procedures such as return to play, periodization & programming.

Coaches will keep a record of all their interactions on a daily basis and will be asked to present on their findings in order to finalize the mentorship program.


Mentorship Stage 3

On the 3rd and final stage of the mentorship program coaches will join APEC’s team of educational tutors in the delivery of the education program as an assistant tutor in order to help with presentation skills. Coaches will get first hand experience in the delivery of elite level strength and conditioning education by world class tutors.