Elite Level Strength And Conditioning Courses

APEC is a leader in the field of strength and conditioning education. We provide education and methodology through various strength and conditioning courses and strength and conditioning workshops. The education and methodology delivered through APEC courses are derived from years of experience in professional sports on a national and international level.

The Science Behind Strength & Conditioning

Our goal is to provide you with continuing education through evidence-based clinical studies in order to produce the very best service for your clients and athletes. We will provide you with a system of training relating to the science of athletic performance and in doing so improving your practical and theatrical strength and conditioning knowledge.

Strength And Conditioning Workshops

APEC also provides strength and conditioning workshops that help upskill fitness professionals in specific areas of strength and conditioning education. The strength and conditioning workshops also provide continued professional development (CPD) from the major membership organization worldwide.

Our Strength And Conditioning Courses Are Aimed At

APEC’s strength and conditioning courses are aimed at fitness professionals who want to work with athletes or within team sports. The National Accreditation in Strength and Conditioning (NASC) course was designed specifically and meticulously to create a standardized approach for strength & conditioning coaches and industry professionals worldwide.

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